Ready, Set, Let’s QWO!

Ready, Set, Let’s QWO!



The FAQ’s on the QWO Injectable Cellulite Treatment


QWO (pronounced Qw-Oh ) is an injectable treatment that reduces the appearance of moderate to severe cellulite in the buttocks of adult women. Did you know that 90% of women have reported suffering from moderate-severe cellulite? While seemingly harmless healthwise, the unwanted cellulite is essentially unavoidable for many and can be a damaging nuisance for your confidence. But the good news is that it is now treatable! We finally have the first FDA-approved and non-surgical cellulite treatment that only requires three sessions, each spaced 21 days apart. Treatments are quick, easy and require little to no downtime!


What is a QWO Treatment?

The process of a QWO treatment is quick and easy. First, your provider will mark up the area to be treated and then your medical provider will inject those targeted areas (AKA the “dimples”) with QWO injectable. After your treatment you can go and carry on with your day. We always like to mention, though, that bruising at the injection site can be expected, as each patient is different and some may bruise more than others. 

How does a QWO treatment work?

QWO is the first ever minimally invasive injectable procedure of its kind, that uses an enzyme to dissolve the fibrous septae which cause cellulite. The injectable is targeting the bands beneath the skin surface directly, which results in the smoothing of the skin for the improved appearance of cellulite. QWO works in three ways: releasing fibrous bands, redistributing fat cells and stimulating the growth of new collagen.


Does a QWO treatment hurt? 

Because this treatment is non-surgical, you do not need anesthesia or any sort of pain management (the treatment is practically painless!) Revive Med Spa client Ashley has seen wonderful results from her QWO treatment and said regarding her pain level, “The treatment itself didn’t hurt at all! They did 12 pokes and I probably felt 3 of them, which felt similar to an ant bite.”


What is the recovery time from a QWO treatment?

This is one of our favorite questions, because a QWO treatment requires no downtime! Yes, we’re serious! There are no activity restrictions and you can return to your social and professional activities immediately afterward, and yes, that includes going to the gym! The biggest side-effect you may experience is bruising at the injection sites, which will occur within 24 to 48 hours and disappear within 14 to 21 days. 

Revive Med Spa client Ashley said, “As far as downtime goes in my experience, an hour after treatment it was difficult to walk, sit, or lay down because of the tenderness, but that only lasted the first day. The bruising looks much worse than it feels and lasted about 2 weeks. I know someone else who had it done and they didn’t have any tenderness at all, so I guess it’s different for everyone!” 


What are the side effects from a QWO treatment?

Like any injectable treatment, there is a chance of swelling and bruising at the injection site. With QWO, you can expect bruising to last up to two weeks, so like all other treatments, just be sure to plan accordingly. If you’re heading on vacation or to the beach, you may want to pack a sarong or cover up while the bruising heals! 


How long do cellulite reducing results last from a QWO treatment?

Results vary for each patient, but visible results can be achieved in as little as 10 weeks. The cellulite reducing results from a QWO treatment can last from one year, with the potential to last up to five years! QWO works best in a series of treatments, best results show starting with 3 treatments spaced 21 days apart.

”I do notice a difference with just one QWO treatment and have even received compliments from my partner, so I’m excited to continue my treatment plan for optimal results!” said Ashley, a client with Revive Med Spa. 


How long is a QWO treatment?  

One QWO Package requires a total of three sessions, spaced 21 days apart for results lasting up to five years! Each session takes about 30-45 minutes. We photograph, document and treat you during each appointment, and we recommend coming back for a post-op review 3-4 weeks after your final treatment. 


While there is no 100% cure or fix for cellulite, a QWO treatment can definitely help to improve the appearance of cellulite and give you skin smoothing results. Wondering if you’re a good candidate for a QWO injectable treatment? Revive Med Spa in San Diego has three locations, Mission Valley, Carmel Valley and Encinitas and always offers complimentary consultations to help you choose the best treatment plan for you! Call or text us at 619-293-7233 or fill out the form below to book your QWO consultation today! Ready, Set, let’s QWO! 


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