CoolSculpting: The Technology Behind Non-Invasive Fat Reduction

CoolSculpting The Technology Behind Non-Invasive Fat Reduction | Revive MedSpa In San Diego

CoolSculpting hit the cosmetic medicine industry with a bang in 2010 when the FDA first cleared the fat reduction treatment. CoolSculpting uses a form of fat reduction technology called “Cryolipolysis,” in other words, it uses cold temperatures to freeze and destroy fat cells forever.

CoolSculpting can credit its rise in popularity due to the fact that it targets one of the most troublesome issues for many people: those pesky bulges of fat that don’t respond to diet or exercise (hello love handles).

Another beauty of this treatment is that the cold does not damage other cells surrounding the fat cells, so there will be no damage to the skin or muscle tissue. It is a completely non-surgical and non-invasive technology to reduce those problem areas.

“Our clients are amazed by the fat reduction results they see from as little as one session of CoolSculpting!” Master CoolSculpting Technician Michelle Raby of Revive Med Spa in San Diego said. “Every client requires a different treatment plan and I always ‘treat to complete’ to give our clients the CoolSculpting results they will actually see!”  

So why is CoolSculpting technology effective? For one, the handpiece provides a targeted application so it only treats the desired fat cells. This protects the other surrounding tissues, which is a huge difference from other fat reducing treatment methods out there. The cryolipolysis method practically takes away any risk of skin, nerves, or muscles potentially being damaged during a treatment! 

The second major difference is how the CoolSculpting technology freezes away fat cells forever, (yes, forever!) Once the cells are eliminated, they will not return. And after a CoolSculpting treatment, your body will naturally eliminate the dead cells, as it does with any other toxin or waste.

The best part of this treatment is the little to no downtime our patients’ experience. Because the CoolSculpting technology is non-invasive, you can continue on with your day after treatment! Keep in mind, we always recommend following a healthy lifestyle of exercise and eating right to keep your CoolSculpting results in tip-top shape. 

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