Get ready for Spring Break with CoolSculpting

Get ready for Spring Break with CoolSculpting | Revive MedSpa In San Diego


Spring break is right around the corner. Where the fall has a string of holidays one right after another, the beginning of the year is a little light on ways to cut loose. Spring break is a great excuse to relax. It’s the official start of beach season for most people. Either you live somewhere warm enough to bust out the swimsuit by then, or you’re going to vacation somewhere that is. If you want to make sure you look great at every angle, CoolSculpting can help you put the finishing touches on your beach body.

How CoolSculpting targets fat

CoolSculpting is an FDA-approved fat-targeting treatment. It’s made possible by the fact that fat cells freeze at higher temperatures than surrounding tissue. CoolSculpting freezes the fat while leaving the rest of your body untouched. Once it’s crystallized, your body will begin to remove it. CoolSculpting can target your problem areas so that you achieve your body goals. It’s perfect for diet and exercise resistant fat. Maybe you’ve been working out, and you’ve lost weight, but you can’t quite get rid of those love handles no matter what you do? CoolSculpting can help you step out with confidence this spring break—and all summer long.

What it can’t do

CoolSculpting is not a treatment for obesity. It works to eliminate small pockets of fat from specific zones along the abdomen, thighs, and flanks. It’s not a magic bullet for weight loss in general. It helps if you want to slim your thighs a little, but it won’t help you lose weight all over. CoolSculpting lives up to its name: it sculpts the body you already have so that you look your best from every angle. It’s best used to put the finishing touches on a figure you create and maintain through diet and exercise.

Start planning now

If you want to show off your new beach bod this spring break, you should set up your consultation as soon as possible. CoolSculpting produces results, but it takes time for your body to clear out all of the crystallized cells. You can start seeing results in as little as three weeks, with the greatest rate of change at approximately two months after treatment. However, you could continue to see fat loss from treated areas for as long as six months.

How long does it last

CoolSculpting eliminates the specific fat cells that it’s used on. After seeing the results of this treatment, many people are inspired to increase their fitness and maintain their new look. However, CoolSculpting will not prevent you from gaining weight in the future. If you do, the weight is distributed naturally and evenly. This means you don’t have to worry about your problem areas returning, even if you gain three pounds sometime in the future.

CoolSculpting is a great way to polish your look. Get a consultation soon to reach your goals by spring break. CoolSculpting is FDA-approved, powerful, and gets rid of affected fat cells entirely.