Laser Skin Resurfacing: Top 8 Things You Need to Know

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It no longer strikes as odd nowadays when people become more conscious of their appearance. Particularly with how mainstream social media is today, more people realize how radiant people can be a sight for sore eyes! And this is where laser skin resurfacing took the limelight and saved the day.

Aesthetic patients widely embrace laser skin resurfacing because it helps reduce age spots, wrinkles, acne scars, and blemishes while tightening the skin and balancing the skin tone. It is a safe aesthetic treatment. However, one can never be too careful. Research indicates that lasers vary and can have different effects on how they act on your skin.

At Revive Med Spa, we aim to inform rather than overwhelm. We discuss our different laser skin services with our patients and smooth out the creases before we dive into performing our treatments. Read on to find out the eight things to know about laser skin resurfacing before going for it:

1. Laser skin resurfacing is safe for all skin colors.

For some reason, people often assume that individuals with darker skin are disqualified from receiving this treatment. Contrary to this popular belief, lighter and darker-skinned candidates can benefit from laser treatments, particularly reducing wrinkles or eliminating acne scars. Although no one can negate the need for an initial consultation from a specialist, one’s skin color is not the primary issue when going through laser treatments. Instead, a consultation is imperative to figure out the safest skin resurfacing option to avoid lasers from damaging cells or discoloring the skin.

2. The best time to have a laser treatment

Has anyone ever told you that autumn is considered “laser season”? Laser-treated skin is hypersensitive to sun exposure and lasts up to a year following some procedures. Many practitioners recommend going through laser skin resurfacing during the fall or winter months when daytime hours are typically shorter and you spend most of your day indoors.

Nevertheless, no matter the time of year you undergo a laser procedure, it is best to regularly wear a broad-spectrum SPF 30 or higher sunscreen and reapply when needed. This can help optimize the results while protecting against skin cancer and any additional premature aging.

3. Laser treatments may or may not hurt.

The pain felt during this procedure depends on different factors, such as the treatment area, pain tolerance, depth of treatment, etc. For instance, deeper ablative laser treatments are painful since some layers of the skin are removed. Patients for this procedure get sedated or receive anesthetic injections to keep them from pain. On the other hand, non-ablative laser treatments cause little to no pain since they don’t require skin removal. Aestheticians typically apply topical numbing cream to ease any discomfort. Tenderness in the treatment area may occur.

4. Certain medications and illnesses influence your skin’s reaction.

The results of laser skin resurfacing might change if you have an underlying condition or are under medication. Playing mental tug-of-war on whether or not to take the procedure is common among people who are unsure about the results. To achieve safe and optimal results, it is imperative to be completely honest with the specialist about your current health condition or medical history.

5. Who performs the treatment makes a difference

Laser skin resurfacing is proven safe for making your skin look better. However, you can enjoy excellent results only when a trained or experienced laser resurfacing provider executes the procedure. The lasers might harm the skin or cause detrimental effects if an undertrained practitioner does it. Therefore, it is best to consider the skills, qualifications, and experience of a provider before choosing them.

6. Different lasers treat different skin concerns.

The different laser options providers offer to users depend on the patient’s skin type and concern. For example, CO2 lasers treat wrinkles, scars, and deep blemishes, while a ProFractional laser improves the skin’s overall appearance with new collagen that adds firmness and resilience. These options also include a mechanism unique from each other. Your aesthetician should advise you on the laser treatment that most answers your concern and desired results.

7. Multiple treatment sessions are a possibility.

You’ll sometimes achieve smooth and spotless skin following a single laser treatment. However, most non-ablative lasers stipulate a series of treatments to meet your skin goals and gain the most satisfying results. Undergoing such treatments might be understandably overwhelming, but the results will last for years once you have completed the treatment series.

8. You may need some downtime depending on the laser treatment you go for

Although laser treatments are generally considered noninvasive, it does not mean that they are all downtime-free. Some laser options require a longer recovery time which depends on various factors such as the patient’s health, healing rate, and the type of laser used. Non-ablative lasers don’t often require any downtime at all, while ablative lasers may require a healing process for up to three weeks, depending on the depth of the treatment and when the final results are evident.

Having downtime does not mean you are not allowed to go outdoors within this timeframe. It only means you need to be more cautious to avoid infections as your skin will be red, raw, and scabbed over as it heals. You may not feel comfortable on social occasions, and you will need to manage your activities where infections are possible such as going to the gym, swimming, etc.

Our takeaway

The privilege that the medical aesthetics industry has bestowed on us allowed us to deliberately take care of our skin despite the natural effects of various factors, especially aging. As getting older is inevitable, prolonging our youthful appearance is within our reach.

If you are considering laser skin services to improve your skin, grab your phone and contact the experts at Revive Med Spa! We offer various laser services to address a wide range of skin imperfections. We are happy to establish a treatment plan customized to meet your unique needs!