Learn About Esthetician Ashley Pettrie 

Learn About Esthetician Ashley Pettrie | Revive MedSpa In San Diego

“Let me do the hard work and you do your homework!”

We asked Esthetician Ashley a few questions about her role at Revive and how she can help you achieve your best skin.

1) What is your education?

My education began at Bellus Academy in San Diego, California with an emphasis on Aesthetics. My main focus has and always been skincare. Ever since I’ve started my career I’ve been completely focused on continuing my education and strive to always take it one step higher through learning and performing new services.

2) What is your favorite area to treat or procedure to do?

My favorite has always been the face. It’s the first place people see when you first meet. I love treating acne and age spots. I don’t care who you are, at some point in our lives we all deal with acne!

3) What’s your favorite product and why?

I’m obsessed with SkinMedica Lytera 2.0. This product makes erasing sun spots and hyperpigmentation easy. It doesn’t contain any retinol or hydroquinone so it’s friendly and safe to use in the morning and at night. Just make sure to add a sun protection factor during the day and you’re good to go! And an added bonus, pregnant women can even wear it!

4) What do you love about working at Revive?

I can just let my creativity flow in regards to skincare. I feel a connection to my clients like we are all in this together.  My Revive teammates and I all want the same successful outcome for our patients!

5) What’s a fact most clients don’t know that you wish they did?

Trust the process! Trust your esthetician! And always ask questions; I’m always happy to answer!

6) What do you wish you would’ve known about skincare when you were younger?

You only have one face, treat it with love. Don’t pick, don’t scratch, don’t pull! Let me do the hard work and you do your homework!

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