B12 Injections

B12 Injections

B12 Injections Increase Your Energy Levels & Fight Fatigue!

B12 Injections in San Diego

B12 Injections can help improve fatigue, red blood cell production, and energy levels. It can also aid in weight loss by helping the body convert fats and proteins into energy and assisting in the breakdown of carbohydrates. B12 is also necessary for metabolic and hormonal function.

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Many people are deficient in Vitamin B12 in their diets, particularly vegetarians and vegans. Give yourself a boost of energy and kick low energy levels to the curb! It helps our bodies use fat and carbohydrates to make new protein.

B12 injections help improve energy levels and red blood cells production. It can also help prevent fatigue, weakness, poor concentration, heart disease, and mood disorders. B12 injections can also aid in weight loss by providing more energy and boosting your metabolism, helping you shed unwanted pounds.

Patients may experience slight bruising or tenderness where the injection took place. Allergic reactions can happen with a intramuscular treatment. Our Medical Providers are trained on how to treat the reaction if it were to take place. There are no known side effects from taking medication interfering with B12 injections.