Meet Esthetician Olivia Marta

Olivia Marta San Diego and Encinitas,CA

We asked Esthetician Olivia Marta about her and her role at Revive, keep reading to learn more!


Why did you want to become an esthetician?

Like every other esthi, I struggled with my skin when I was younger. I had crazy oily skin and broke out a lot. I tried every DIY treatment and tried everything from the drugstore and high-end brands. I enjoyed testing out skincare and reading up on ingredients. Skincare was my self-care when I was stressed out from school and my career at the time. While it was a hobby at the time, I knew I could turn it into a career and help others.


What is your favorite thing about your job?

I get to play with skincare for a living! I get to match the best products for each client and truly customize their experience. I love interacting with clients and forming a bond with them while helping to treat their skin. It makes me so happy to see clients gain confidence back in their skin.


What makes Revive different?

The way we genuinely care about our clients sets us apart from the rest. We all work together as a team to provide the best education and treatment plan for our clients. We work with the best products and we received tons of education. At Revive, we always educate and recommend the best services for you, we will never suggest a service or product that isn’t a benefit to you. We are one big family here and the support we have for one another is amazing.


Products (name/brand) that you can’t live without?

This is a tough one for me because I am such a skincare junkie! I would have to narrow it down to a few products. Skinmedica’s AHA/BHA cleanser, Lumivive System, and Retinol Complex are some of my holy grails. I am also obsessed with Alastin’s HA Immerse Serum, Eye Complex, and Neck Treatment!


What is a skincare tip not a lot of people know about?

There are so many that come to mind! I think the biggest one would be that you need to wear SPF regardless of the weather, or if you are inside all day long, driving in the car etc. Switching to a silk pillow and washing them weekly in fragrant-free detergent. Icing blemishes can go a long way! Oh and gut health = skin health!


What do you like to do in your free time?

I’m an extroverted introvert. I love hanging out with friends and family and I love going out to eat. I enjoy spending time at the beach and I am a sucker for watching sunsets. But I also love spending time with my cats and binge-watching documentaries and true crime shows.