Meet Lead Med Spa Consultant Carolyn

Meet Lead Med Spa Consultant Carolyn

We asked our Lead Med Spa Consultant Carolyn Stanovic a few questions about her role at Revive and love for all things Med Spa!

What is one of the most import things you need to know when consulting with clients? When consulting with clients the single most important goal is to understand their concern. Beauty and self-confidence stem from many different versions that are not exactly societal trends. It’s your style, it’s your body, this is about you! Consultations are not to pick people apart, it’s to find the beauty from within. What procedure(s) are you most passionate about? It is hard to just pick one. If I had to pick it would be skin lasers and treatment plans. The skin is the canvas to our face. After dealing with my own struggles of acne, pigmentation, even psoriasis. My own results have impacted my life greatly. So, I can really relate to all clients wanting to achieve perfect skin, and I love to be a part of their journey.

What’s a piece of med spa advice that you wished you learned sooner? I will never forget when I started in medical aesthetics, there was a client that was so beautiful. She looked 30 years younger than her actual age! I had no choice, I had to ask her. What is your secret? She told me maintenance, maintenance, maintenance. It is easier to maintain, prevent, and preserve than to correct! Do not wait. It looks good when you take care of yourself. Name one product you cannot live without and why? Of course, I cannot pick one item, and great results comes in a regimen, ingredients work with each other synergistically. I will choose the Obagi Nu Derm Kit.  I feel my skin would have ever gotten to this level without Obagi Nu Derm. I woke up one day and I could not believe what my skin achieved, just by that regimen alone. It is a great kit to start with. Clients see results in 4 weeks, even with Melasma.

What’s your go-to procedure for before a special event?  Forever Radiant Duo hands down and a little bit of Botox. Minimize wrinkles, brighten my skin, calm down any breakouts, and fresh new vibrant skin cells that reflect light in all the photos taken. Let me glow to the party with haha! What do you like to do in your spare time?  I love languages. I speak three; English, Tagalog, and American Sign Language (ASL). On my Instagram sometimes I share my ask translations through song! I brush up on these in my spare time! Wanting to take on a new language soon. Which celeb do you think has optimally used Fillers/Botox/Lasers to change their look or help prevent the aging process? With Celebrities and their non-disclosure agreements, you can never absolutely confirm. There are two celebrities that have aged well, and I am always observing and studying faces. Jennifer Anniston and Paul Rudd. Preservation at its finest. Goals!

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