Meet Registered Nurse Sam Wilmeth

We asked Registered Nurse Sam about her and her role at Revive and we would love for you to learn more about her!


What made you decide to become an aesthetic nurse?

One aspect that particularly draws me to this field is the level of autonomy it offers. Aesthetic nurses have the opportunity to take a proactive role in patient care, independently assessing their needs and tailoring treatment plans to achieve optimal outcomes. This level of responsibility allows me to apply my skills, knowledge, and creativity to make a meaningful difference in people’s lives.

I also firmly believe in the transformative power of aesthetics. Enhancing one’s physical appearance can significantly boost self-confidence, leading to improved mental well-being. The ability to help individuals feel more comfortable and confident in their own skin aligns perfectly with my passion for promoting a healthy mind.

What treatments do you specialize in?

I specialize in laser treatments such as laser hair removal, Morpheus8, BBL, and LaseMD. I am currently undergoing training in neurotoxin treatments. I aim to offer a comprehensive range of aesthetic options to my patients. I believe in tailoring treatments to meet individual needs, considering their unique goals, concerns, and skin types.

What is your favorite treatment to receive?

My favorite treatment to receive is Morpheus8 because it targets a variety of concerns all in one and can be tailored to each patient. I recommend Morpheus to everyone!

What’s your favorite skincare brand?

Alastin stands out in the skincare industry because of their innovative formulations. Their products are backed by scientific research and designed to address the unique needs of those undergoing aesthetic treatments. Alastin is the only brand I’ll recommend for post-treatment skin.


What do you love about working at Revive?

I absolutely love working at Revive. The experience of being part of this exceptional team has been incredibly rewarding. One of the key reasons I enjoy working at Revive is the remarkable individuals I have the privilege to work alongside. My coworkers are not only highly professional and intelligent but also genuinely kind and compassionate human beings. Their expertise and dedication to providing excellent patient care inspire me daily. The environment they’ve created is collaborative and supportive and I couldn’t ask for a better work experience.

Another reason to love Revive is how well they stay up to date in aesthetic advancements. Revive is constantly bringing in top trainers in the field to provide their employees with the best education.



What do you like to do in your free time?

I love running, reading, going to the beach, Padres games, and spending time with friends.