Men with Work Who Still Work It

Men with Work Who Still Work It | Revive MedSpa In San Diego
Once upon a time, only women faced the media’s harsh scrutiny of their looks. Injections like Botox were assumed to be for females, and it was rare to hear of a male celebrity who had subtle work done. Today, however, men are held to ever rising standards, and the results have been phenomenal. Actor’s golden years of stardom last longer, and their roles remain diverse as they glide agelessly through the decades. Today, many products like Kybella are designed with both men and women in mind. Whether they’re removing double chins with Kybella or reversing wrinkles with Botox, male celebrities are taking advantage of the benefits of modern medicine. Check out our list of male celebrities who still work it and look great.

Robert Downey Jr.

If there’s ever been a man who could work it, it’s the first celebrity on our list. Although it has never been confirmed, one of Hollywood’s all-time sweethearts, Robert Downey Jr. is believed to have had a little help recovering from the after effects of his addiction. Most notably, many agree he’s had some careful Botox treatments to fight sagging skin. His continuing career is a gift to audiences everywhere, and we couldn’t be happier that he’s done what he needed to in order to keep his charm as sharp as it ever was.

Johnny Depp

Another speculative Botox patient, Johnny Depp’s immortal looks must be the result of either magic or medicine. Although he’s busier than ever, his face is just as smooth and unwrinkled as it was in his twenties. He is another example of a major star who has likely used Botox to preserve his features so he could continue rising in his career. No one is complaining, and as a pirate who regularly plays with immortality, the look definitely suits him.

Gordon Ramsay

Gordon Ramsay has always been great, but these days he’s probably the greatest celebrity chef in the world. He dominates television screens, handles real life restaurant duties, and still looks gorgeous. In fact, he looks better than ever. After he turned fifty, his family persuaded him to try minor plastic surgery and begin Botox to treat his chin and deep set wrinkles. Today, he looks younger, brighter, and fiercer than ever. No doubt he will continue terrorizing under-performing chefs for many decades to come.

Robert Redford

Believe it or not, Robert Redford is now in his seventies. Although he initially claimed he would not use surgery or injections to alter his appearance, several Hollywood surgeons have stated that he’s gone back on his word. If he has, it was definitely the best decision. He defies his age with his excellent looks, and if the rumors are true, then he’s the living proof that a little Botox can go a long way. It’s hard to capture perfection, but these men have caught it. Not only did they catch it, but they’ve all decided to keep it, with or without a little help from the doctor. We hope these great performers continue to work, and look great for many more years to come.