Brazilian Blowout

Imagine shiny and smooth hair that lasts up to 12 weeks with one treatment!

Brazilian Blowout

Imagine shiny and smooth hair that lasts up to 12 weeks with one treatment!
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Brazilian Blowout San Diego

The revolutionary Brazilian Blowout and Brazilian Blowout Zero, the same treatment as the Brazilian Blowout with a new KeraSafe Bonding System that effectively deposits and, seals essential amino acids into the hair, providing smooth and radiant shine for up to 12 weeks!


Smooth, frizz-free hair in 90 minutes.

Zero downtime.

Incredible results that last for up to 12 weeks.

Conditioning and radiant shine.

Improvement in overall health of hair.

Acai Aftercare Maintenance products.

The Brazilian Blowout is an innovative, professional smoothing hair treatment that actually makes your hair healthier. The result is frizz-free, smooth hair with radiant shine.With the Brazilian Blowout, you can limit the styling of your hair to a fraction of the time and maintain frizz-free hair for up to three months.


The best candidates for the Brazilian Blowout are individuals who have frizzy, damaged or processed hair. However, it can and has been performed on any type of hair, so anyone can be considered a good candidate for the treatment.
The results will be frizz-free, smooth and shiny hair that is effortlessly manageable. Your hair will still have bounce and body. You will also still be able to wear your hair curly or wavy (depending your current hair type) and the styling of your hair will take a fraction of the time.
Yes. And the Brazilian Blowout will actually improve the health of color-treated hair by conditioning the hair and sealing the cuticle.
The Brazilian Blowout will make your hair straight and healthy if your hair is wavy. If your hair is curly, it will eliminate the frizz – enhancing your hair’s curl with a shine. If you hair is already straight, your hair will become frizz-free and shinier. Your hair will maintain its natural volume. The Brazilian Blowout does not affect the hair’s volume.
The Brazilian Blowout will last 10-12 weeks – maximum results will occur when the Acai After-Care Maintenance product line is used. You can purchase this line of products at Revive. The more you get this treatment done the healthier your hair will become and the longer the results will last. Your hair will revert back to its original state once the treatment wears off. However, the hair will actually retain a healthier state as a result of the Brazilian Blowout.
Yes.The Brazilian Blowout actually works better on chemically treated hair. You can also color your hair the same day prior to the treatment. However, you may want to go a shade darker then you normally would because the Brazilian Blowout process can cause some fading to the color.
You can wash your hair immediately after the treatment, as you would normally. You must wait two weeks to color your hair after the Brazilian Blowout.
Yes. You can swim in the pool or the ocean after receiving the Brazilian Blowout. However, if you swim on a regular basis, the treatment could be less effective. Brazilian Blowout recommends putting the Brazilian Blowout Smoothing Serum on the hair prior to swimming to maintain the smooth result longer.
Since the Brazilian Blowout is a conditioning treatment that improves the health of the hair it can in no way harm the hair by getting the treatment done more often. However, the treatment will be more effective on the next visit if you wait at least 10 days between treatments.