Hair Extensions

Hair Extensions

There are many innovative hair extension lines that provide a beautiful and natural look without damage to your hair or hours of your time spent at the salon

Hair Extensions San Diego

Hair Extensions are a fantastic way to add fullness and length to your hair. You can opt for a bombshell voluminous look or a more subtle style to enhance your natural hair.

Innovative hair extension lines provides beautiful and natural look without damage to your hair or hours of your time spent at the salon.

Most new methods uses 100% human hair and don’t involve glue, beads, wefts, braiding or weaving. These hair extensions have been created to stay in and protect the hair. They are also easily removable with the proper solutions and have minimal to no damage on hair.

With the newer extensions lines there is much more comfort and the extensions are almost undetectable.  There is no matting, frizzing or tangling. Whether you are looking for a boost of youth and vibrancy by adding volume, or you desire an entirely new star quality look by adding several inches of length, extensions are the perfect solution. Check with your independent stylist to see if they offer extensions services.

*All prices below are starting prices.

Hair Cost:
Hair Cost $200 and up*
Service Cost:
First application $200 and up*
Reapplication $275.00 and up*


All of these heat processes are okay; however, it is not advised to sit under a dryer with extensions or to isolate or concentrate any heat methods on the area with the tape tabs.

You can usually use almost any products that you like and your stylist will recommend the best products to care for your new hair. Products to avoid are any products that contain alcohol, oil or ethanol. In addition, heavy conditioners should not be applied to the scalp or tape tabs.