Why Celebs Are Loving The ProFractional Laser

Why Celebs Are Loving The ProFractional LaserWhy Celebs Are Loving The ProFractional Laser | Revive MedSpa In San Diego

Celebrities are notorious for their extensive beauty routines and best-kept “secrets”. While some remain more elusive about their routines, others are more open about which treatments help them maintain their youthful appearances and stay red-carpet-ready. Laser Skin treatments have begun to appear at the top of these lists and with good reason, Laser Skin treatments rejuvenate skin and give exceptional results. There is one laser treatment that celebrities love and are absolutely buzzing about, and that’s the ProFractional Laser! Chelsea Handler said it best, “It’s awesome and no one is paying me to tell you about it. Bam!” 

What Makes The ProFractional Laser Different?

It treats a fraction of the skin This deep healing fractional therapy has a square-like scan pattern that creates micro-ablated channels on the skin. Through this pattern, the surrounding skin is able to remain intact, allowing for rapid healing and the stimulation of collagen growth.  

It helps remodel and resurface photoaged and sun-damaged skin By replacing old tissue with new tissue, the Profractional laser removes visible signs of skin damage and rejuvenates the dermal collagen matrix, improving tone and texture.

It targets and treats multiple skin issues Based on a patient’s individual needs, ablation depth and density can be customized to help improve: 

  • Fine Lines
  • Texture and Tone
  • Acne Scarring
  • And Deep Wrinkles

The ProFractional Laser is also safe for all skin tones and types, making this treatment even more amazing! 

The results are amazing With the ProFractional Laser treating only a fraction of the total treatment area, this allows for increased comfort, significantly less downtime, and results that can range from subtle to dramatic! Receiving multiple treatments from this highly effective laser provides results that so many celebs love!

Now that this best-kept secret is out, you too can look red-carpet ready! Want to know if a ProFractional Laser treatment is right for you? Call or text us at 619.293.7233 to book a complimentary consultation or fill out the form below!


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