Why is Fall Laser Season?

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Now that summer is over and the weather has begun to change, it’s the perfect time to start your Laser Skin & Laser Hair Removal routine! You can receive these treatments year-round, however, receiving them in the fall is the best time to start for effective and safe results. 


What is Laser Season?

You may have heard us refer to “Laser season” here at Revive Med Spa and wondered why is there a specific time of the year to receive these treatments. Laser season refers to fall and winter because they are the times during the year when we highly recommend receiving laser skin and laser hair removal treatments due to the comfort and ease these seasons bring to the whole treatment process.


Here are the reasons why fall is the best time to start your Laser treatments:


Less sun exposure

After receiving either a laser skin or laser hair removal treatment, your skin will be more sensitive to light and it is important to stay out of the sun after and between treatments. Sun exposure post-treatment can lead to pigmentation, irritation or burns. The fall season can aid in the healing process due to staying indoors more often, not as much time spent as when you were soaking up the summer sun with vacations and time at the beach and pool.

Your tan has faded

Now that you’ve begun to stay indoors more and your bronzed skin has begun to lighten, this is when Laser Hair Removal works its best! Laser hair removal works by targeting the melanin in the hair and when you have a tan (either by the sun or artificial), the laser can’t differentiate between the color of your hair and skin; making it difficult to remove desired hair from the body. 


You’ll be ready for next summer

As much as we love to receive these popular treatments, there is a waiting period of around 4 to 8 weeks between each treatment, to allow for the best possible results. Given this amount of time, the sooner you start receiving treatments, the smoother and more clear you’ll be by summertime! Remember, it’s never too early to start preparing for next year!


It’s important to keep up self-care in the colder months to combat the seasonal blues that may occur. Taking time to yourself and doing what makes you feel good can make all the difference. Self-care can manifest itself in many ways and a relaxing appointment at Revive can be one of them! No better way to relax than receiving treatment at Revive.


Whether you are looking to have flawless clear skin, no hair, or be bikini ready, now is the time to receive these treatments that so many raves about! Call or text 619.293.7233 to book a complimentary consultation for a Laser Skin or Laser Hair Removal treatment.