Why It’s Laser and CoolSculpting Season

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Now that winter is here, it’s the perfect time to start your Laser Skin, Laser Hair Removal & CoolSculpting treatments! You can receive these treatments year-round, however, receiving them in the wintertime is the best time to start your regimen to prepare for the summertime! 

Here are the reasons why now is the time to start your Laser and CoolSculpting treatments:

Less Time in the Sun 

For many laser treatments, it is important to stay out of the sun after and between treatments. After a laser skin treatment or laser hair removal, your skin is more sensitive to light and exposure can cause you to get a sunburn or possible hyperpigmentation. This sensitivity to light also can happen after receiving a CoolSculpting treatment, which is why it is important to avoid direct contact with sunlight for as long as you can! The winter season can aid in the healing process due to staying indoors more often, not as much time spent as when you are soaking up the summer sun with vacations and time at the beach and pool.

Multiple Treatments are Needed to Get Your Best Results

After one treatment of Laser Skin, Laser Hair Removal & CoolSculpting it is possible to see great improvement, but in order to achieve your desired results, more than one session is often necessary. Several follow-up treatments can help target and treat even the most stubborn hair, fat, and skin issues! 


Time Between Treatments is Needed

As much as we love to receive these popular treatments, there is a waiting period of around 4 to 8 weeks between each treatment, to allow for the best possible results. Given this amount of time, the sooner you start receiving treatments, the smoother and more sculpted you’ll be by summertime! Preparation for looking and feeling your best during the summer usually starts in the winter and we here at Revive want to help you in this process! 

Possible Downtime 

Even though these treatments are non-invasive and quick, sensitivity in the treatment areas is common, and allowing enough time to heal is important. As you begin to heal in the wintertime, these results will become more noticeable and you’ll feel even more amazing when you’re out and about during summer!

Treating yourself

Combating the winter blues may not be easy for everyone, but taking the time to focus on yourself and doing what makes you feel good can be a step in the right direction. Self-care can manifest itself in many ways and a relaxing appointment at Revive can be one of them! No better way to relax than receiving treatment at Revive.


Whether you are looking to have flawless clear skin, no hair, or be bikini ready, now is the time to receive these treatments that so many raves about! Call or text 619.293.7233 or fill out the form below to book a complimentary consultation for a Laser or CoolSculpting Elite treatment.