Busting Botox Myths

Busting Botox Myths | Revive MedSpa In San Diego
Maybe you’ve thought about getting Botox, but all the rumors and horror stories made you change your mind. Advanced science is easy to demonize, and when people don’t take the time to learn about a procedure, it will always seem scary. It’s time to wade into the fray and bust some popular myths about Botox and popular fillers. There are some pretty scary lies out there, but the truth isn’t half so intimidating as you might think.

Botox Makes You Look Plastic

Sitcoms and slapstick features love mocking the expressionless dolls of Hollywood hills who can barely move their lips, let alone their eyebrows. This isn’t what Botox looks like in real life, though. When you use a trusted provider, you can rest assured that your results will look natural. If the procedure is done properly, your ‘work’ won’t be obvious at all. You’ll simply enjoy the smooth face Botox was designed for. Expression is another chief concern among many potential patients. While Botox limits your ability to scowl, you can still express a full range of emotions. Botox doesn’t freeze your face. The image of a lifeless mask with moving lips is only a fantasy. Unlike fillers such as Juvederm, Botox relaxes certain muscles that trigger wrinkles, but it only relaxes specific areas and does not compromise your ability to express yourself.

Botox is Dangerous

Botox is administered by doctors. Doctors who inject harmful substances into their patients face serious, criminal charges. How likely is it that such a popular product used by so many doctors would harm you? The active ingredients in Botox actually serve as a migraine treatment for many patients. This type of treatment is used by all manner of doctors for non-aesthetic purposes. If it’s safe enough to treat migraines, it’s safe enough for doctors in the beauty industry. Like any injection, Botox can only be administered in specific doses. This, however, is why Botox treatments are handled by professionals and not offered over-the-counter.

Botox is Forever

While Botox is great, it’s not a diamond. Treatments usually last around three months, but the effects can last longer in some patients. The longevity of your treatment isn’t all about chemistry, either. It has a lot to do with your expressions. Once they have a Botox treatment, many people learn to use fewer angry or aggressive expressions, which furrow the brow. In a way, Botox is a training instrument for your expression. Aesthetic injections, even fillers like Juvederm, are not permanent. Many even have products that counteract their effects. Your doctor can easily reverse your procedure if you’re displeased with your results. A fear of needles is understandable, but a fear of Botox is not. Doctors use the same ingredients for other treatments, such as migraine relief. Even if you don’t like your results, you don’t need to worry. Botox and fillers aren’t permanent. They may teach you to have a brighter expression, though. Botox is safe, and it lets you look your best. People always doubt miracles, but Botox comes from science, and it’s far less dangerous than you believe.