Hair Color Trends for 2016

Hair Color Trends for 2016 | Revive MedSpa In San Diego

Spring always brings freshness to the air. The temperatures start warming up and everything starts blooming. You’ve done your time inside, and now it’s time to get out and enjoy the world again. Fresh world equals fresh start, and for many, it’s the perfect time to consider changing your look. Here are some of the top hair color trends for 2016!

Dip Dye


Dip dyed hair looks exactly how it sounds. With color just on the ends, it looks like you dipped your hair in a bucket of paint. Stars like Gwen Stefani, Rita Ora, and Diane Kruger have jumped on the dip dye train with blue, pink, and purple hues.



Red and bronze meld together to give us the beautiful hair color trend that is “ronze.” In reality, ronze has been around for a while, however, it seems to have gone more mainstream as more and more celebs want to go red…but not too red. Rhianna and Emily Stone have both been known to brighten up their complexions with a beautiful head of ronze hair.



Bronde is another lovely combination of brunette and blonde, just as the name suggests. Jaime King, Blake Lively, and Elizabeth Olsen have enjoyed this low-maintenance color. This is a great trend for blondes who want to go to the (slightly) darker side.


Ecaille means tortoiseshell in French, and the hair color is no different. Using honey, auburn, and mocha hues, this hair color trend is for those that like ombre, but would prefer a softer look. It’s also perfect for “lazy girls,” as it isn’t especially noticeable as it grows out. Celebs like Chrissy Teigen and Jessica Biel have rocked the ecaille look.


Lots of people want highlights, but are afraid of looking like a zebra with stripes of color in their hair. If you are scared of stripes, try going in for babylights. Babylights add highlights in very fine strands all over your head. They give your hair dimension, but in a more natural way. You will see babylights on stars like Allison Williams and Rosamund Pike.

With all the lovely hair color trends out there, there is sure to be one for everyone. The key that seems to run through this year is low maintenance. Rock your low maintenance hair color with your messy bun or texturized lob for a killer look.