Hollywood Stars with Perfect Touch-ups

Hollywood Stars with Perfect Touch-ups | Revive MedSpa In San Diego

The secret to touch-up success is to keep it natural. Lip fillers, facial fillers, and Botox should be used to enhance natural beauty—not change the way you look fundamentally. The sensationalist gossip about overenthusiastic filling makes it seem like these mistakes are inevitable. It’s actually not. In fact, some Hollywood stars have touch-ups so perfect you may not even know they’ve been touched up at all.

Jenny McCarthy – Botox

Jenny McCarthy looks amazing—and she definitely should. Her smooth and naturally youthful-looking face is the result of careful Botox smoothing and injections. Her fine lines are reduced, and she’s got the flawless cheekbones of an acting goddess.

Courteney Cox – Botox

Courteney Cox is one of those women who look like they don’t age—except, of course, that everyone does. She keeps herself youthful with precise Botox treatments. Goodbye forehead lines and under the chin sag; she’s got a defined jawline and a great forehead. It works because she didn’t try to do too much.

Kylie Jenner – Lip Fillers

Remember when the talk of the town was Kylie Jenner’s lips: Are they real, or does she use a lip filler? Now, everyone knows that Kylie Jenner’s lips are the result of fillers—and great makeup. While some people like to get down on her for using fillers when she’s so young, she does look fantastic with them. The truth is one her face. She looks great—and it’s really helped her career. Plus, this touch-up isn’t so unnatural that she couldn’t maintain the speculation for a few weeks/months before admitting the truth.

Ryan Seacrest – Facial Fillers

Hollywood starlets aren’t the only ones who indulge in a few touch-ups to look their best. Ryan Seacrest is a great example of a man who uses these touch-ups perfectly. He looks good—but not too good. He’s kept the lines that give his face character, and add to his persona in front of the camera. Men in Hollywood can afford a few more lines than their female counterparts. He looks like a hip, experienced guy who’s up for a good time. It perfectly fits his energy and his vibe.

George Clooney – Facial Fillers

If the King of Hollywood, George Clooney, can use facial fillers to great effect, anyone can. Like Seacrest, he keeps things natural. He only enhances some aspects of his face, and the results are fewer lines. His mouth is stronger, and his cheeks a little fuller and suppler. Clooney’s popularity took a bit of a hit in recent years, when his age was finally starting to catch up with him. Now he’s got smoother skin, a fuller face, and a general look of all-around hotness. He’s back on top and climbing, but he didn’t aim to look 28 again. He just aimed to look like the best version of himself, and he’s certainly accomplished that!

Many Hollywood stars use touch-ups to great advantage. Take a leaf out of the books of George Clooney or Jenny McCarthy. Look like the youngest, most natural version of yourself with simple, easy facial fillers and/or Botox.