Hot Hairstyles for Summer

Hot Hairstyles for Summer | Revive MedSpa In San Diego

Summer is quickly approaching, and with every degree that the temperature goes up, we inch closer to the season of beach going, festival hopping, and vacation road-tripping. It’s never too early to consider what you are going to do with your hair. Whether it means taking a trip to your San Diego salon, or practicing an up-do in front of your mirror at home, it’s time to get started. Here are five hot hairstyles for summer.

The Bob

You’ve seen it on stars like Lucy Hale and Taylor Swift. The bob is back…and it’s a fabulous hairstyle for the summer. The short length helps keep you cool during the hot summer months, and the shape is carefree. Whether you wear it straight or with waves, a bob gives you the chic look you want when you’re showing off your new bikini bod. We don’t recommend you breaking out your scissors to achieve this look. Come visit us at Revive Salon & Spa, your favorite San Diego salon. We’ll give you the best bob on the block.


The Shag

The shag is a look that seems to come back around every few years. Perhaps the most iconic shag was “The Rachel” worn by Jennifer Aniston on the TV show Friends. Now it’s back and better than ever. Allure magazine has even called the shag “the official haircut of 2016.” It thickens fine hair, puts romantic curls at center stage, and gives long hair an effortlessly stylish look. Just about anyone can rock a shag. Get the look that Rosie Huntington-Whiteley and Julianna Hough have been sporting.

Mini Braids

As we transition into ways to wear your hair, we have to consider the popularity of the mini braid. Braids have been huge in past years, but it looks like mini braids will be stealing the limelight this year. You can wear them with your hair parted down the center or as a beautiful crown across your head. These looks showed up on the Louis Vuitton and Gucci catwalks this year, and we are sure they will show up on a sidewalk near you. Braids are great for getting your hair out of your face or off your neck, which can work wonders on those hot, humid days this summer. You won’t need a San Diego salon to braid your hair for you, but if you need ideas on how to wear your mini braids, feel free to stop by for a consultation.


I Woke Up Like This Hairstyles

If you haven’t seen #iwokeuplikethis yet, you must be hiding under a rock. Celebrities and the rest of the world have been posting photos on Instagram of themselves right after – or at least made to look like it is right after – they wake up. This trend has overflowed into fashion and hair. Hair that looks tousled and lived-in waves are all the rage as we head to the beach. Au naturel hair that flaunts waves, volume, and curls are on point, and messy buns and other relaxed up-dos are the perfect styles for summer road-tripping with your squad.

These great hairstyles will make sure you look fabulous this summer season. Whether you need to hop into your favorite San Diego salon, or start working on your messy hair at home, summer is fast approaching. Let Revive Salon & Spa help you achieve the hairstyles you want this summer.