Is Your Hair Ready for the Red Carpet?

Is Your Hair Ready for the Red Carpet | Revive MedSpa In San Diego

Awards season is coming, and the Emmy Awards are leading the charge. It’s a chance to flaunt your style, whether you’re walking the red carpet or attending a neighborhood viewing party. It’s time to break out your highest heels, that daring dress, and your favorite shade of lipstick. Just because you aren’t on television doesn’t mean you can’t steal the show. Remember, though, no outfit is complete without great hair. Here are a few tips and suggestions to prepare you for the spa.

Get Your Shades Ready

Even if your spa has a full L’Oreal color bar, it’s important to have some idea of what you want before you make an appointment. Too many options can be nearly as frustrating as too few. Find colors that compliment both your complexion and whatever you plan to wear for your chosen event. Bright dresses are set off by classic, dark hair colors, like rich brunettes. If, however, you’re aiming for a classic, little, black dress, then a pop of blonde can provide amazing contrast for your gown. Of course, black goes well with everything, and remember, there is more than one perfect hair color to complete any pallet.

Don’t forget to take your complexion into consideration. Are you a summer or a winter? Do you need warm highlights or cool tones? Perfection is in the details.

The Day Before

It’s a good idea to give your hair some extra attention the day before you visit the spa, especially if you plan on having a shampoo. Take a generous amount of your favorite oils or conditioner and coat your hair from root to tip. This is not just good for your hair, but it will also help prevent damage. Any time you blow dry or iron your hair, you’re actually damaging it. When you plan to have professionals do these things, it’s extra important to be prepared.

Blowout Bar

A blowout bar is the best place to get your hair ready for the big night. Not only will your hair be fresh and camera ready after a shampoo and flawless-finish styling, but you’ll be relaxed after an amazing scalp massage. A good blowout bar offers additional features, of course, so if you want special treatments you can always add some gloss or additional styling. Again, it’s a good idea to know what you want ahead of time, but there’s nothing wrong with a last minute decision to add a special product or a bit of curl to your style.

The Emmys only come once a year, and they’re the perfect opportunity to really strut your stuff. Paparazzi are optional, but style is not. Make sure your hair lives up to the rest of your ensemble. Just remember to plan ahead, know what you’re aiming for, and make sure your hair is prepared for styling. This will ensure you get the most out of your time at the blowout bar and that your great looks last through the after party.