Laser Hair Removal for Women

Silky smooth skin can be yours! Women’s laser hair removal treatments permanently reduce unwanted body hair on the underarm, bikini, legs, arms and practically anywhere else on the body without razor burn or ingrown hairs.

Laser Hair Removal for Women

Silky smooth skin can be yours! Women’s laser hair removal treatments permanently reduce unwanted body hair on the underarm, bikini, legs, arms and practically anywhere else on the body without razor burn or ingrown hairs.
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With permanent laser hair removal, you no longer have to worry about shaving or waxing. Now you can stop thinking about stubble under your arms, razor burn along your bikini line or plucking those stubborn chin hairs that appear. This is all possible with women’s laser hair removal treatments at one of our convenient San Diego locations.

You’ll never need to go through painful waxing, plucking or applying depilatory creams again. And don’t worry, because each of our San Diego laser hair removal spas use new technology that is safe and effective on most skin tones, so you’ll find options that work with you and for your individual needs.

The state-of-the-art Vectus Laser treatments you will receive can remove unwanted hair from almost any part of your body. Whether you want to treat facial hair, full legs or Brazilian, we’ll create a custom plan around your goals. The Vectus Laser includes the sapphire treatment tips with Advanced Contact Cooling™ to offer protection for your skin to help ensure fast and comfortable hair removal.

Permanent laser hair removal is the right choice for women because:

It permanently reduces body hair on legs, chin, underarms, bikini line and more

Treatments take minutes, large areas such as the back or legs can take as little as 15 minutes

It is less painful than waxing sensitive skin or older generation lasers

Lasers works on hair growth caused by PCOS

There are no more razor burn or nicks

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This treatment may cause a tingling sensation depending on the sensitivity of the area and your own pain tolerance. Many have compared the sensation to what it feels like to snap a rubber band on your skin. Some women are also more sensitive to pain the week before their period, so keep your cycle in mind when scheduling. The Vectus Laser system has Advanced Contact Cooling™ to cool the skin down at the surface as the laser is applied, providing a much more comfortable experience during the sessions.

It’s very effective for removing dark and coarse hair around the lips and chin or any strays that might sprout on your cheeks, whether it’s from PCOS, hormonal changes or just genetics. You can finally banish facial hair and never shave or wax again. Another benefit? Your makeup will glide on with a perfect finish over your smooth skin.

You can also receive laser hair removal treatments specifically for women to clean up your hairline and sideburns or remove a widow’s peak.

It cannot be used on the around the eyes, eyelashes or inside your nose, but works well any other area of your head and neck.

Sessions take just a few minutes and can be done during your lunch hour! There’s no downtime afterward, and you can get back to your normal activities right away as long as you avoid the sun.

Laser hair removal is fast and simple, but you will need to avoid heat, saunas and swimming pools for at least 24 hours after. You shouldn’t put anything on your skin in the area you had done although loose clothing is fine. This includes antiperspirants, makeup and self-tanners, so keep that in mind when making an appointment.

You’ll also need to avoid the sun and tanning beds for a few weeks before and after treatment to prevent irritation and hyperpigmentation, so keep your beach plans in mind when booking and be prepared to lather on the sunscreen.

Many women prefer laser treatments for their underarms because it reduces hair without leaving the dark stubble that shaving can leave behind. You also don’t have to let the hair grow out before removing it again like you do with waxing. Because armpits are a small area, treatments don’t take long, but you will need to avoid deodorant, lotion and body sprays before and after your session
If you’re pregnant, you should wait until after the post-partum period before scheduling your laser hair removal treatments. Pregnancy hormones affect hair growth and it’s common for women see their hair change color and texture or even grow in new areas. This type of hair often goes away after childbirth on its own without treatment.
Brazilian laser hair removal is popular because it lasts much longer than waxing or shaving and you won’t have itchy stubble or bumps in your bikini area. Hair regrowth is typically finer and lighter between sessions if it grows back at all. With lasers, you’ll have a permanent reduction hair.
 Amount RemovedWhat it looks likeTreatment Areas
Bikini LineJust the edgesTriangleUpper thighs along your bikini line and across the top of your mons pubis
Full BikiniAlmost everythingLeaves a small stripA full bikini treats the area within the panty-lines, up to about four finger-widths from the center.
Full BrazilianEverythingCompletely bareReduces hair from the front to the back. Specifically, the bikini line and central front area, the labia, and the perianal region.

Hair grows in cycles and the laser can only treat actively growing hairs, and a few treatments are needed to get them all. The number varies depending on how large of an area is involved, how long it takes your hair to grow and the hair texture and color.

Each session will disable the follicle a little more, eventually destroying it. Your bikini line might require a series of 4-6 sessions, but a full Brazilian that removes hair from your entire area may require more treatments. Sessions should be scheduled 4-6 weeks apart.

During your consultation, the technician will be able to provide more details on the estimated number of times you’ll need to come back after looking at the area.

You should always do your research before choosing a provider especially for laser treatments. In California, laser hair removal can only be performed by licensed physicians, physician’s assistants, or registered nurses which means you’ll need to go to a med spa or a center that has medical staff available.

  • A few other things to consider before choosing where to have your laser hair removal done:
  • Do they have lots of good reviews for laser hair removal, and were previous clients pleased with the results?
  • Have they been in business for a while, at least a year or longer, and are there multiple locations?
  • Were they recommended by a friend or someone you trust?
  • Do they offer consultations so you can visit the med spa before your treatment to make sure you feel comfortable with the provider?
  • Was the staff friendly and did they answer all of your questions