Meet Nurse Practitioner Ramona

We asked Nurse Practitioner Ramona about her and her role at Revive Eastlake, keep reading to learn more!


What made you want to become an aesthetics nurse?

I love the whole aesthetics side of medicine. I enjoy seeing others feel confident in themselves no matter how big or small the treatment is. It is amazing how even the smallest treatment can greatly impact someone and boost their confidence or self-esteem.  I feel so honored to be a part of that self-care and wellness journey.

What treatments do you specialize in?

Currently, I provide treatments in Laser Hair Removal, Neuromodulators, Morpheus8, and Laser Skin Facials.

What’s your favorite skincare product and why?

I have been trying out a few new products here and there, but I have been using products from Skinceuticals, Skin Better, Alastin, and Obagi.

What do you love about working at Revive?

I love working at Revive because I feel like I am serving my Eastlake/Chula Vista community. Another added plus is that it is only a few minutes away from home! It also helps that our team is made up of awesome individuals all working together with you to help you obtain the results you want and feel your best.


What do you wish you would’ve known about skincare/beauty when you were younger?

I wish that I started taking care of my skin when I was younger. Simply put, I did not realize the importance of it. I was one of those people who would just wash my face with water or I would use a ton of random different products. I would be out in the sun with no sunscreen, just oblivious to the fact that I was ruining my skin. There is so much more than just washing your face every day and night. Now, I realize that just like maintaining the rest of your health, whether through diet, exercise, or vitamins, we should apply these same principles to our skin. Doing a few skin rejuvenation treatments once or twice a year along with medical-grade skincare would help to keep your skin looking fresh.

What is something that not a lot of people know about you?

Not a lot of people know that I was an extra in the movie, The Longest Yard, with Adam Sandler. I was in the bleachers during the football game against the guards. I also love to play the piano, have an obsession with collecting notebooks, and I love to do laser engraving when I have time.