Meet Registered Nurse Lydia Chamberlain

Meet Registered Nurse Lydia Chamberlain

We asked Registered Nurse Lydia about her and her role at Revive and we would love for you to get to know more about her!


What made you want to become an aesthetics nurse?

Aesthetics is the perfect combination of everything I’m passionate about: art, medicine, beauty, and helping people feel confident. Soon after graduating with my BSN, I saw how perfect this field was for me and began working towards my dream. I couldn’t love my job more!


What treatments do you specialize in?

Neurotoxins are my specialty, I love helping the client achieve a youthful, natural-looking result. You can do so much with toxins to accentuate people’s features!


What’s your favorite skincare product and why?

Bury me with Obagi hydro-drops LOL. I swear by hydro-drops for anybody with dry skin or wants a moisturized, dewy glow. Easily the best serum I’ve ever tried.


What do you love about working at Revive?

Literally everything. Revive has the most training and education of any medspa I’ve seen or worked at, but honestly what sets Revive apart is the culture. Every single person who works here is so kind and genuinely cares for each other and their clients as if they were family. There isn’t anyone you can’t turn to for help. Everyone here is like a ray of sunshine and that’s a culture you don’t get just anywhere. Revive is a very special place!


What do you wish you would’ve known about skincare when you were younger?

I wish I would’ve known about vitamin C earlier! I use SPF but have chronic sun exposure because I love to go hiking, walking on the beach, etc. and vitamin C is definitely going to save me from early aging.


What is something that not a lot of people know about you?

I am an artist! I love to paint canvases in my free time!

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