Meet Social & Digital Content Specialist Liz Quintana

lizblog From Revive MedSpa

We asked Social & Digital Content Specialist Liz Quintana a few questions about her role at Revive and love for all things Med Spa!

What is your role at Revive?

I am the Social and Digital Content Specialist at Revive Med Spa. It’s a very broad title, but that’s exactly what my role is! I get to use my creative side to manage the social media accounts, work with influencers, brainstorm and create the content ideas for ads, videos, photoshoots and live events. I also get to work one-on-one with each of the providers and managers at each Revive location, so if you’ve ever stopped into a location or been on our social media, then there’s a very strong chance you’ve seen me!  

What do you think makes Revive stand out?

Revive really takes education to a whole new level. They constantly offer weekly trainings to make sure their providers really are the best in the business. And that should matter to everyone, especially when it comes to aesthetic treatments and who you feel safe trusting!

What do you love about your job?

I really enjoy working with such an educated and driven staff. I’m fortunate I get to work one-on-one with each of the providers and managers at Revive, which I really enjoy because I value creating strong relationships and getting to know each person on a deeper level. I learn something new every day from someone!

What are your favorite products?

I LOVE anything by SkinCeuticals! Incorporating the C E Ferulic antioxidant serum into my routine was a great decision. I have dry skin so using the Triple Lipid restore moisturizer and the physical fusion tinted SPF 50 and I’m good to go!

Favorite treatment to receive?

There are so many! I really love any laser treatment. I grew up being outside my whole life, so I am starting to see the sun damage and effects of that. The IPL laser has been a total game changer for my skin and the way I value skincare, especially sunscreen! And of course, I’m all about that preventative Botox!

What do you like to do when you’re not working?

You can find me travelling anywhere! We’re so fortunate to have Mexico as a neighbor, and you’ll catch me there as often as I can be. After work you can find me relaxing at the beach with my dog and enjoying all the blessings of living in San Diego!