The Most Coveted Beauty Tips & Secrets From Beauty Gurus

The Most Coveted Beauty Tips & Secrets From Beauty Gurus | Revive MedSpa In San Diego

We’re all familiar with the top basic beauty tips and “secrets” that have been passed down from generation to generation. Pat, don’t rub. Put on sunscreen. Stay hydrated. While these are all still valid, there’s a wealth of untapped knowledge when it comes to beauty tips and tricks. Using the right methods, products, and health and beauty treatments can make all the difference in your beauty routine – even if some of those fall on the more unconventional side of the spectrum.

Below, we’ve compiled a few of the most coveted beauty tips and secrets from gurus to help you round out your beauty regimen.

Maintain a Well-Rounded Beauty Routine

Switching up your collection and using multiple products can help fill in any gaps in your beauty routine. When using high-end products, different products contain different ingredients with varying benefits. Using multiple products can help round out your skin care routine so you can be sure you’re giving your skin everything it needs to reach its maximum potential. Diversify with different moisturizers, toners, exfoliators, makeups, and more!


Sleep on Silk

Because we spend such a huge chunk of our lives sleeping, it only makes sense that what we sleep on can make or break our beauty routines. Sleeping on cotton sheets and pillowcases can tug on your skin, snag your hair, and suck the moisture right out of both. Try sleeping on a silk pillowcase. Your skin and hair won’t catch on the silky fabric and the material won’t steal the hydration from your skin like cotton does. Silk also helps prevent bed head so you can maintain healthy hair and wake up with smoother locks.


Eat Your Way to Beautiful

Most of us know that what we eat affects how we look. We’ve heard the phrase “you are what you eat” for years. But do you know what foods are most directly related to beauty? Healthy fats found in avocados and nuts can help provide your skin with the building blocks it needs to generate new cells. Citrus fruits (especially lemons) can help brighten up your skin. Honey can help moisturize your body from the inside out. Rooibos teas and green teas have tons of skin benefits both when ingested and applied topically. Knowing which foods are linked to which benefits can help you incorporate eating into your beauty regimen.


Apply Vitamin E

Vitamin E helps block free radicals from the body, slowing the aging process and supplying the skin with the nutrients and antioxidants it needs. Vitamin E can be either ingested or applied topically. Some expert beauty regimens include breaking open a Vitamin E pill and applying the contents directly to the face as a mask.


Mix it, then Wash It

This tip is useful for all skin types, but especially for those with drier skin. When washing your face, mix equal parts moisturizing cream and cleansing cream in your hand and wash your face with the mixture. This helps combat the sometimes-damaging effects of an oil-based cleanser and avoid drying out skin that’s already lacking in moisture. This can be done every time you wash your face or only when your skin is feeling like it needs some extra moisture.


Depuff with Potatoes

If you’ve ever woken up to dark circles under your eyes, you know how frustrating it can be to get rid of them. The good news? The cure may be found in a food you have in your kitchen. Potatoes contain vitamin C, enzymes, and starch that all help rejuvenate and renew the skin under your eyes. Simply slice up a potato and place one slice under each eye. For the bonus effect of reduced swelling, place the potato in the refrigerator for 15 minutes before application.


Maintain Order in Your Regimen

Knowing your beauty care products is one thing, but knowing the order in which to apply them is another. Most beauty gurus suggest first removing any makeup, then cleansing, then using a toner. If you have any treatment products, such as anti-aging creams or serums, now is the time to apply them. Lastly, you should seal everything in with a moisturizer.


Freeze Your Eyeliner

It can be frustrating to try applying eyeliner only to be met with crumbles and an uneven line. To help your eyeliner glide on with ease, put in in the freezer for 10-15 minutes before application. The colder temperature will help the eyeliner formula stay solid as you create that perfect line.


Give Your Lashes a Boost

No list of top beauty tips would be complete without a lash enhancing tip. Before applying your favorite mascara, dip a clean mascara wand into translucent powder, tap to release the excess, and apply to lashes. This will help add bulk to your lashes so that when you apply your mascara, they get a voluminous boost. The result is thicker, fuller lashes that make your eyes appear flirtier and more captivating.


Invest in Treatments

Investing in skin care treatments like facials, peels, and microdermabrasion are a key part of an effective beauty routine. Beauty experts agree that these professional treatments can nourish your skin like nothing else can and that incorporating them into your regimen is essential for glowing skin.


Familiarizing yourself with these lesser-known beauty tips and secrets can help you to find your perfect balance of conventional and unconventional when it comes to your beauty routine. Whether you’re applying makeup, taking care of your hair, or nourishing your skin, there’s a beauty guru out there who has discovered the perfect way to do so. Tapping into the top beauty tips within that wealth of knowledge can help us become our most beautiful, confident selves.