The Most Seamless Work from the Red Carpet

The Most Seamless Work from the Red Carpet | Revive MedSpa In San Diego


It’s well into 2017, and the red carpets are rolling out. Although the Oscars are the best place to be seen, celebrities strut and preen for the photographers everywhere, from the Super Bowl to the Emmy’s. With their new suits and dresses comes a wave of other seamless work, and celebrities wear it on their faces. Whether they aim to boost natural features, repel the symptoms of parenthood, or simply keep their smiles line-free, celebrities almost always turn to Botox and fillers. It’s true that some results are better than others, some work is truly seamless, transforming celebrities into ageless representatives of the fountain of youth.

Jenny McCarthy

Jenny McCarthy sits at the top of our list because she is simply ageless. She posed with her husband, Donnie Wahlberg, on the red carpet for the Leather and Laces Super Bowl weekend party. The adorable couple was all smiles, without laugh lines, and McCarthy practically glowed. Experts have long believed McCarthy to be experimenting with Botox or temporary fillers, and the fact that age has brought more definition to her features would seem to confirm this theory. Whatever products she uses, Jenny McCarthy truly is flawless.

Molly Sims

Molly Sims made an elegant and understated appearance at the Oscars parties this year. This actress is a glowing example of light, delicate work. Over the years, her cheeks have actually lifted, further refining her graceful features. The elevated appearance of her cheekbones better compliments her daintily pointed chin, slim brows, and sharp jaw line. It’s possible she’s had some minor work done along her laugh lines. Now, she continues to smile for the cameras.

Naomi Watts

Another graceful vision on the Oscars’ red carpet was Naomi Watts. She garnered plenty of attention in her color ensemble that brought out the forty-plus mother of four’s youthful glow. Most professionals suspect this star has enjoyed some fillers to keep the apples of her cheeks fresh and ready for the red carpet’s cameras. It’s easy to forget her true age.

George Clooney

Although his gorgeous wife, Amal definitely stole the show with her pregnant glow, George Clooney had a glow of his own. While maintaining his great looks, experts point to subtle filler and possible Botox use. Because the work is truly seamless, even the harshest critics of fillers find it hard to argue against Clooney’s choice. The couple appeared at the Cesar Awards.

Men and women alike show the benefits of Botox and fillers. Although the red carpet unrolls for the premiere of films throughout the year, it’s awards season that really brings the stars out to shine. It’s their best chance to show off their hard work – and to wear it. Our favorite smiles will last for many more years thanks to this careful maintenance. Of course, we couldn’t be more grateful for the seamless work of Hollywood’s best doctors. They keep our favorites looking fabulous.