Resurface + Refine with LaseMD vs Clear + Brilliant – What is the Difference?

Resurface + Refine with LaseMD vs Clear + Brilliant - What is the Difference?

As you may have heard, resurfacing treatments are the latest and greatest in the skincare industry to maintain a gorgeous, youthful glow, clear complexion and to treat signs of aging. We typically hear about Clear + Brilliant laser, however, there are other laser options that are even more effective.  Let’s dive into the similarities and differences of Clear + Brilliant and its main competitor Resurface + Refine (LaseMD):


Resurface + Refine with LaseMD

LaseMD is the newest and most advanced non-ablative treatment in skin resurfacing using the power of Fractional Thulium lasers. In fact, it is 20 times stronger than competitors such as Clear + Brilliant with less downtime! LaseMD creates microchannels at the cellular level of the skin which encourages your body to replenish the collagen and elastin that has been lost over time. This treatment also addresses acne and acne scarring unlike Clear + Brilliant. A key concern that LaseMD treats is Melasma – which is notoriously difficult to treat, LaseMD can treat this along with additional pigment issues.

What allows LaseMD to stand out above Clear + Brilliant is that it is a newer, more powerful technology that treats a larger amount of skin concerns with a shorter amount of downtime. This treatment is also completely customizable to each client so the levels of intensity can be adjusted to fit the individual’s concerns. We refer to LaseMD as the “lunchtime laser” because it is quick, easy and you will be out of the med spa in just about 30 minutes. 

Clear + Brilliant

Clear + Brilliant has been known to address a number of skin concerns including fine lines and wrinkles and overall texture but doesn’t quite go further than the surface level. This is the original non-ablative laser used for resurfacing. Clear + Brilliant creates hundreds of thousands of microscopic treatment zones which encourage the skin to replenish itself revealing a brighter, tighter and more youthful appearance. Even though Clear + Brilliant addresses these concerns, it is not as customizable as LaseMD and doesn’t treat more than what the eye can see. 


Another factor that we love about LaseMD is the downtime. Both laser treatments are quick and easy but the downtime of Clear + Brilliant is much more significant. After a LaseMD treatment, you can go back to your regular scheduled activities without any interruptions (but don’t forget your sun protection). With Clear + Brilliant, you can expect 3-5 days of downtime as your skin is healing, definitely stay out of the sun during this time. In comparison, you can experience some redness right after a LaseMD treatment, but virtually no downtime, and no sloughing of the skin. 


After speaking on the downtime,  you can better understand the time it takes to see results. Both treatments will require between 4-8 sessions for optimal results but will yield different outcomes. Clear + Brilliant will treat fine lines, wrinkles and overall texture on the surface level while LaseMD treats at a cellular level and can address more severe concerns such as acne, acne scarring, anti-aging and even melasma. LaseMD is also 20 times more powerful so your results will be much more noticeable and your downtime will be significantly shorter. Lastly, because it is a newer technology, treatments are faster and more consistent.

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