Spring Hair Color Trends

Spring Hair Color Trends | Revive MedSpa In San Diego


This year, there are several important trends that the fashion-conscious need to know. These trends include bright, dramatic new colors, new techniques that shape your face as well as a contouring brush, and general color trends that will determine the season’s look. Check out our highlights below.


If you like bright, active colors, this trend is for you. It blends pastel shades of orange and red, and the result is a streaky red headed look. The style takes its name from the blood orange, and it blends well with pink tones for a diverse range of shades. The color combo looks good not only as a full color style, but also as an ombre effect.


Eclipting is all about face sculpting. The tricky color scheme makes faces appear significantly slimmer. The hair color style also works great for bringing out the eyes, making hair look thicker, and many more beauty needs. Unlike blorange, eclipting isn’t based on a single-color scheme. The colors themselves change from person to person at the stylist’s discretion, but the technique remains the same. If you’re looking for a dramatic style with lots of extra benefits, this is the trend for you.

Warm Tones

Whether you’re going blonde, brunette, or red, expect to get the warm fuzzies when you look in the mirror. Although some of the past years’ cooler trends are still going, most of the new looks follow a pattern of warmth. Your blondes will evoke a summer day rather than a winter glow, and brown tones will look like burnished chestnut. It’s a suitable color shift for the coming season, and stylists are already prepping for an influx of warm-color demands.

Carry Over Hair Trends

Sleek gray and silver dyes were in vogue last year, and they’re still going strong despite the rise of warmer tones. Expect to see these styles merge, however. There is such a thing as a warm gray, and it’s likely gray will be ombred into warmer colors through processes like eclipting, which require stark contrasts in order to get the best effect.

Are you ready to get warmed up this spring? The new color schemes and favored shades are a major change from the cool, hard colors favored last year. The best looks this season will chase away the tail end of winter and get the fashion scene ready for spring. Are you ready to bring your hair into the contouring world with an eclipting style? What are the chances you’ll chase the stars and go with a blorange color scheme?