Kybella: The Businessman’s Best Friend

Kybella The Businessman’s Best Friend The Most Beautiful Faces of Botox | Revive MedSpa In San Diego
As society advances, women aren’t the only ones expected to look good in the work place. Men now face increased pressure to up their aesthetics. Thankfully, modern treatments make it easy to preserve a strong jaw line indefinitely. As social norms change, men can embrace more treatments to help them remain fresh and youthful. These options include Kybella.

What is Kybella?

Kybella is an injectable treatment used specifically to treat fat that gathers under the jaw, the phenomenon better known as growing a second or double chin. This condition is also called submental fullness. Kybella actually attacks the fat cells themselves, restoring your natural profile. Naturally, Kybella is FDA approved, and it’s the only injectable under chin treatment approved by the FDA that actually fights fat. Treatments are tailored to each patient with regards to the amount of fat the patient wishes to remove, as well as their aesthetic goals. A patient can receive up to fifty injections per session, and the use of Kybella has been approved for up to six sessions. No matter the size of your second chin, Kybella can help. Kybella has been available for a little over a year, and its popularity is only increasing. The modern businessman has found it particularly appealing.

Why Do Double Chins Matter?

A double chin makes anyone, regardless of age, gender, or weight, look heavier and older than they actually are. While many women make use of Kybella, men have also found Kybella particularly appealing. Double chins appear thanks to inherited genes from our parents. They can appear on anyone, no matter how fit they may be. This presents a particular struggle for businessmen, and it’s little wonder. Men who must wear ties every day are bound to be more self conscious of the fat under their chins. What’s more, ties can make double chins seem more prominent. First impressions matter in business. So, if you’re sitting behind a desk, or potential clients only see your face on ads and business cards, then everything above your shoulders deserves special scrutiny. How will someone looking at your business card’s headshot think about you? Since an image is all they have, your appearance will form the basis of their initial opinions. Double chins soften your features, making you appear meeker and less motivated. Your self consciousness will also show. People pick up on signs of discomfort before nearly any other kind of body language. If you’re worried about your chin, your clients and coworkers will sense your anxiety. Getting rid of submental fullness is a simple way to boost confidence and improve first impressions. Your ties and collars will fit more comfortably, too. If you feel uncomfortable with the fat taking a free ride under your chin, then it’s time to set an appointment. Kybella can melt away fat, and when that fat leaves, your confidence will rise, and your clothes will fit much better around the neck. You don’t have to settle with the short end of the genetic stick. You can fight back with Kybella and uncover your true self.